Group Therapy, Lectures & Classes:

Starting in the Spring of 2018, we will be offering a series of Lectures, classes and support groups on such topics as the following:

1. Lecture Topics ($15 each, no insurance) Enhancing Self-esteem, Selecting a Life Partner, An Introduction to CBT, Assertive Training,

2. Classes (4-6 sessions, $15 each, 10-20 participants per class, no insurance): Parenting Skills, Conflict-resolution and Problem-solving for Couples, Selecting a Life Partner: a Class for Singles

3. Support Groups ($60 insurance or $40 no insurance, for each 90-minute session, 6-20 participants, depending on topic): Anxiety Management, Parenting Young Children, Surviving Adolescence; a Class for Parents; Selecting a Life Partner; a Support Group for Singles Searching for the Ideal Partner; Breaking Bad Habits

Please call and let us know if you are interested in attending any of the above programs.

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