Parenting Skills

We recognize that parents are the primary teachers in their children’s lives and play a critical role in their children’s development. Unfortunately, the vast majority of parents are not given any formal training in effective parenting, at home or in school, especially when it comes to children with special needs. We help children by involving their parents in treatment planning and ongoing therapy, especially when the child is young or when behavior problems are the target of treatment. We rely on empirically-supported treatment models for child behavior problems, which include:

· Teaching parents how to modify their child’s environment. We teach parents how to reinforce desired behaviors (and stop reinforcing undesirable behaviors), by changing their own (often automatic) responses. Much emphasis is placed on the following:

o Effective discipline techniques
o Labeled praise
o Planned ignoring
o Structured household rules

· We use role-playing techniques to teach children and parents alike important relationship skills such as:

o Problem-solving and conflict resolution skills (primarily for adolescents)
o Assertive Training and Communication Skills

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